3 Side Effects Of Whey Protein

3 Side Effects Of Whey Protein

If you think that whey protein is safe and healthy than you are wrong read this post this is all for you.

5 Side Effects Of Whey Protein

Whey protein is one of the most used supplement which is almost used by every person who hit the gym regularly. You may heard by many people saying that this product is healthy and it is concentrated protein isolated of all other compounds. But it may be surprising for you that ‘Whey Protein’ is not healthy at all infect regular use of this product and protein bars does more harm than benefits. We have listed 3 major side effects of Whey protein below.

Kidney issues

Excessive use of whey protein may lead to long term damage to your kidneys so you may need metronidazole. If you use whey protein regularly than it can cause renal damage over a period of time. So check your proportions and talk to a doctor.

Excess fat gain

Many whey protein supplements contain carbs in the form of sugar which adds up fat to your body which is of-course not healthy. Gaining weight in the fat form anyway isn’t healthy.

Heart disease risk

Excessive use of whey strongly linked to heart disease risk. According to doctors and experts too much use of this product lead to cardiac arrest, a disturbed heartbeat rhythm and in some cases, complete loss of heart functionalities.

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